App LaunchPad

Mobile-Enable Your APIs

Go Beyond APIs: Supercharge Your Developer Ecosystem

As your organization seeks to enable channel partners, customers, or employees to build value-added solutions on top of your products or services, it must look beyond just APIs to better engage your developer ecosystem. With AnyPresence App LaunchPad™, you can now empower developers to generate their own cross-platform SDKs, user interface starter kits, test scripts, and even a dedicated backend server, so they can build apps that mobile-enable your products and services faster than ever before.

The AnyPresence App LaunchPad architecture is powered by the same enterprise capabilities of the core platform, and uniquely equipped to handle virtually any developer-enablement scenario:

Select Flexible App Templates

Using the AnyPresence designer, you can define a fully-functional app from the data sources it integrates with, to custom business logic, to a starter user interface. You can then use any previously defined app as a “template” that can be cloned and modified to create derivative apps.

By creating these templates, you can provide customizable “app starter kits” for your developer ecosystem that include:

  • pre-built integration to your products and services
  • an object relational model that defines available API methods
  • cross-platform SDKs and user interface starter kits

Custom Developer Experience

Only AnyPresence provides you with an “app builder API” - an exclusive design-time service that enables you to programmatically define an app from a template, make changes as needed, generate the source code components, compile native apps, and optionally deploy the backend server and web apps to live infrastructure.

This powerful design-time API enables you to create a developer environment that is completely optimized for the ideal experience you want them to have:

  • create a custom developer portals with your own branding
  • enable users to generate apps from within your own software
  • add an app-building platform to your business without R&D

Full-Stack Developer Kits

Provide your partners, agencies, customers, or other developers within your ecosystem with a powerful full-stack developer kit, including their own dedicated backend server that is pre-integrated with your products and services. Advanced developers who need further customization can be provided with full access to the source code for all components via a private Git repository.

This comprehensive developer kit enables sophisticated partners to build value-added solutions with unlimited flexibility:

  • a dedicated backend server that can be deployed anywhere
  • enable developers to add custom integration to third party systems
  • access to source code for all components via Git repositories

Quick Starter Kits

Provide your developer ecosystem with cross-platform SDKs, and mobile user interface starter kits to help them accelerate development of apps that connect to your products and services. Manage all connections via a multi-tenant, enterprise-class backend server from AnyPresence, which can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise.

Developers can accelerate their app development efforts with access to:

  • cross-platform SDKs for mobile, web, and other clients
  • server API and SDK documentation in web-based format
  • functional test scripts to enhance the reliability of their apps
  • mobile app user interface starter kits