Enterprise App Platform

Build Enterprise Mobile Apps with
100% Native, Editable Source Code

Minimize App Time-to-Market, Maximize Development Flexibility

The AnyPresence Platform is focused on simplifying the process of building mobile apps that run on many devices, without sacrificing developer flexibility. Users without much mobile experience or time can get started quickly, to assemble and deploy an app through a web-based designer. Advanced developers have access to the source code for all underlying components, to make customizations outside the platform or deploy server components on-premise.

AnyPresence Application Hierarchy


Focus on what you want your audience to be able to accomplish with your app, and let AnyPresence take care of the rest:

  • Pre-built view templates for common mobile layouts and well-understood user interface patterns such as lists, forms and carousels
  • A full library of user interface controls such as toolbars, buttons, images, and icons that are optimized to work across all devices
  • Embedded user experience best practices help ensure usability across multiple form factors
  • Reusable business objects mapped to controls and data sources (see component definitions below)
  • A holistic mobile application server that provides run-time services for your app, including SMS messaging, data integration, authentication and more
  • Generate mobile-optimized HTML5 with page caching for seamless page transitions and minimal bandwidth usage
  • Generate native iOS or Android app packages in the cloud for you to test or submit to a mobile app store

Web-Based, Collaborative Design Environment

Assemble and deploy your app using a zero-footprint, cloud-based designer. Access a rich set of app development and services features without having to author code. Built with enterprise requirements in mind, the AnyPresence Designer provides a multi-tenant environment for collaborative app development, deployment, and management.

The AnyPresence Designer enables you to accelerate your efforts across the entire app development life cycle all from within a browser-based environment:

  • support distributed development with team members across your company, systems integrators, partners, agencies, and other groups
  • define collaborators who are working together on specific projects
  • manage all aspects of the development lifecycle - including native app compilation - from any modern browser, even the one on your tablet

Standards-Based Enterprise Integration

Your mobile strategy requires you to develop “composite” apps that are connected to several existing IT systems, databases and other enterprise applications. AnyPresence provides pre-built connectors that map to a variety of enterprise data sources including:

  • popular databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, and others
  • enterprise applications such as SAP HANA and
  • middleware solutions, API layers, and enterprise services buses (ESB) via web-services based integration
  • batch data import via XML and Google Spreadsheets
  • authentication services and identity management providers based on standards such as LDAP, Active Directory, SAML 2.0, OpenID, and others

Support for common integration standards, coupled with the ability to deploy the backend server behind your firewall, makes it easy to connect AnyPresence to your existing IT infrastructure. Mobile-enabling your business processes that span multiple systems and vendors becomes a lot less daunting and time-consuming.

Cross-Platform and Multi-Channel Support

The only constant with technology is change: more devices, more operating systems, more browsers. AnyPresence is designed to serve as the enterprise mobility reference architecture that supports this constantly evolving technology landscape.

With the AnyPresence designer you define your apps once, and generate code components so that your app works across multiple mobile devices, web-based applications, and other channels:

  • REST-based web services APIs
  • Objective-C SDKs for iOS apps
  • Java SDKs for Android apps
  • Java SDKs for Java applications
  • Javascript SDKs for mobile and desktop web apps
  • iOS Storyboard metadata for iOS apps
  • Android XML Layout for Android apps
  • Device-agnostic channels such as SMS, email, and voice support

Furthermore, the core of AnyPresence is architected to support additional “code generators” and we continue to make enhancements to support additional client platforms. This ensures you can build apps that scale elegantly across multiple devices and channels, with significantly less development and maintenance overhead.

Extension Ecosystem for Application Services

If you need to augment your app with optional service capabilities such as Push Notifications, SMS, or perhaps trigger a custom web service, AnyPresence provides a powerful extension framework that eliminates much of the manual coding and testing required to incorporate these services into your apps.

AnyPresence provides a full suite of mobile services or “extensions”, including several from software partners like Sendgrid and Twilio, that can optionally be added to your app and configured directly from the Designer. Example extension types include:

  • multi-channel notifications that can be delivered via email, SMS, Twitter and more
  • a scheduler that enables you to perform actions at pre-determined intervals, such as reminders
  • custom extensions that can be other third-party services, or web services developed by your organization

Extensions can be invoked whenever an action is performed on your objects, such as the creation or update of a data element. This enables you to extend the AnyPresence platform functionality in virtually any direction, leveraging available services and minimizing the requirement for new development.

Unparalleled Access to Editable Source Code

AnyPresence was designed with one simple philosophy: to accelerate the app development process with full source code portability. We believe in complementing the native development tools and practices you already employ.

The human-readable, commented, editable source code for all components of your application stack built with AnyPresence is always accessible:

  • private git repositories for each generated component so you can track and manage edits made outside the platform
  • backend server source code
  • SDK source code
  • native iOS application source code, including iOS Storyboard metadata
  • native Android app source code, including Android XML Layout
  • HTML5 app source code, including javascript libraries, CSS, and HTML
  • Functional test script source code
  • Documentation HTML files

This level of freedom ensures complete control over the development process and transparency into all code that is generated by the AnyPresence platform. You get the benefits of a development platform, without sacrificing flexibility.

Complete Deployment Flexibility

Deploying apps in public cloud infrastructure can be efficient and cost-effective, but you may have compliance or other requirements that necessitate hosting on a managed server or within your own data center. With AnyPresence, you have the flexibility to select the most appropriate deployment option for each app, and even the individual instances of that app.

For the backend server component, AnyPresence supports any combination of cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployment models:

  • instant cloud deployment on Heroku and AWS, with server management capabilities embedded within the AnyPresence Designer
  • third-party managed services hosting providers, typically used to meet compliance requirements such as HIPAA or PCI
  • your private cloud or on-premise when you need or want full-control over the server infrastructure or require certain components to run behind your firewall

Compiled app components can be deployed to end-users via several methods:

  • Apple and Google app stores with support from AnyPresence professional services if you need help with the submission process
  • Enterprise App Stores via Mobile Application Management (MAM) or Mobile Device Management (MDM) partner solutions
  • Ad Hoc Distribution typically used for internal testing