Zero-Footprint Mobile App Development

Build and deploy cross-platform mobile apps without installing any software

AnyPresence is the only solution designed to enable accelerated HTML5 and native mobile app development and deployment across multiple platforms, completely through your web browser. AnyPresence also includes an enterprise-class mobile application server that provides run-time services for your app, such as SMS messaging, data integration, data persistence, caching, user authentication, and more.

This unique combination means significantly faster time to market and lower overall cost of ownership compared to other mobile platforms or custom app development.

AnyPresence Architecture Overview

The AnyPresence Platform is developed based on leading best practices in software-as-a-service (SaaS) and mobile application architecture. The solution is supported by our team’s extensive operational experience in the enterprise software industry, enabling us to provide our customers with market-leading capabilities to power their mobile channel initiatives.


  • Modern Device Support

    The AnyPresence Platform generates apps that are optimized to work on multiple device form factors such as smartphones, tablets, and desktops, using responsive layouts and user experience best practices.

    • Responsive HTML5 design to work across mobile and desktop clients
    • Full page and app caching to improve user experience of mobile web app
    • Generate 100% native iOS and Android apps (no virtual machine)
    • Standard UI controls for native iOS and Android apps (seamless user experience)
    • Single, browser-based app builder environment for both HTML5 and native apps
    • Pre-built view templates and UI controls for common mobile layouts
    • Platform presentation layer is designed to support future devices or operating systems as needed
  • Enterprise Mobile Application Server

    The AnyPresence Platform includes an enterprise-class application server that provides core run-time services to power your mobile apps with capabilities such as cloud-based connected data storage, integration, and user authentication. This is an important component that many open-source mobile frameworks lack.

    • User authentication and role-based authorization
    • Support for third party authentication such as LDAP or Facebook
    • Data caching, pagination, and mobile data optimization
    • Business object and data abstraction layer
    • App generation services (cloud-based native compilation)
  • Flexible Data Sources

    Easily connect your mobile app to any data source. Need a quick data store in the cloud? No problem, the AnyPresence platform provides you with a place to save all your object data. Leverage open integration capabilities to connect to third-party systems like Salesforce, SAP, or others.

    • Cloud-based data store for quick app building and testing
    • Pre-built connectors for popular applications such as
    • Web service connectors for connecting to any third party applications that support RESTful services
    • Pre-built connectors for popular database systems such as MySQL and Postgress
  • Extensible Framework

    The AnyPresence Platform is designed with an extensibility framework that allows partners and customers to build extensions that work seamlessly with the application server. All application objects expose events that can trigger custom web services or stored procedures authored by customers.

    • Pre-built extensions for services such as interactive SMS, social connectors, and more
    • Open platform API to programmatically access object data stores and meta-data
    • Perform custom business logic or data transformations by invoking custom web services APIs or stored procedures authored by your company
    • Build custom extensions to the AnyPresence platform in any language that can be registered and deployed across multiple AnyPresence accounts
  • Multiple Deployment Options

    AnyPresence offers multiple different choices for deployment, depending on your business and IT requirements. The default method is a Platform-as-a-Service that leverages cloud infrastructure to ensure high performance and scalability at a low total cost of ownership. Other deployment options are available.

    • SAS70 Type II certified data hosting providers
    • Regularly scheduled backups
    • 128-bit SSL client/server communication
    • On-demand scalability
    • Available private hosting options
    • Available virtual appliance options